Friday, 5 June 2015

Canto Celeste

For Sofia Celestia

I think it's time to pray together, stay together,
Time to find the way together.

Shock that shakes the daughter
Rocks the mother, rocks the father,
Moves the sons and moves the daughters
To strong-guard your earthly presence,
Come so swiftly, come so strong.

I saw you through the old-paned door
That clear-starred night
And trembled, quivered
As arrows of cold fire shot and shivered
Through me.

Cord round wound
Tight bound you to warmth of womb
Warm room waiting
Midwife racing.

Skilled fingers fast-snapped the clamps
And stilled the flow that joined you to your mother.
Smooth slice of sharp scissor freed all restraint
And you soft slid, soft slipped to waiting hands.

You slept between us that clear night.
Your brother gave you flowers
Gathered for your father
On that morning.

Strength is always ever tested,
Further strengthened, further sharpened,
Without pain there is no learning.
Stay strong my love, as strong you are,
As born of heaven.

I think it's time to pray together,
Time to find the way together.

Belgrave, 2008

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