Friday, 13 February 2015

Burning Horizons

Dresden. Late February, 1945

On the 14th February 1945, the German city of Dresden was engulfed in  a firestorm as the British and US Air Forces dropped thousands of high explosive bombs and incendiary devices over the city. Over 25,000 people - mostly civilians - were incinerated.

This original piece offers a poetic reflection on the moral obscenity of aerial warfare as it has been exercised from the attack on Dresden in February 1945 to the sacking of Baghdad in March 2003.

Production Notes
Music: Nico Di Stefano
Voice:  Vincent Di Stefano

Burning Horizons can be streamed using the media player above. A CD quality mp3 file is available for download here.

The Poem

Burning Horizons

What was it like when Dresden was sleeping
When the sky shrieked metal then crashed all around
When the town was a furnace, a fiery hell-world
For mothers and children now under the ground?

And what was it like that big sky morning
When Little Boy cried then howled down the day
The flashing of atoms, the tempest of terror
The unknowing mothers all gone away?

First in Kabul and then on the Tigris
Silicon soldiers tore open the night
And wounded yet further a people near broken
And brought further darkness in fulminant light.

The hatred now stored in the cones of the missiles
Will rage and release in ruin and woe
And the heart of the night pierced again with fierce metal
The blood and the water continue to flow.

I wait for the turn of a cheek that was promised
I wait for the love of a world now in woe
I wait for the call of a sorrowing mother
For terror on Terra can nowhere go.

Friday, 6 February 2015


Within the passion and the tension
Unleashed anger, unheld tears
Within the loathing and the longing
Harsh rebukes and helpless fears
Within the terror and the torment
Frozen fire, frozen time
The love that moves in silent moments
Calls and claims us as its own.

I call for knowledge, call for wisdom
Call for patience in despair
In midst of graces never ending
In midst of mercies ever there.

Heart can harden when hard driven
Mind can fail when too hard pressed
The love that draws us to each other
Be forgotten, be repressed.

Why must we always rage so proudly
Why is it we can never pause
In midst of beauty ever present
In midst of life’s eternal cause?

I call upon the one before me
Upon the one who clearly knows
The way beyond all false distinctions
The way beyond all needless woes
The way beyond the fire and ferment
The way beyond the yeas and no’s
The way of light forever shining
The way through which we all can go.