Friday, 6 February 2015


Within the passion and the tension
Unleashed anger, unheld tears
Within the loathing and the longing
Harsh rebukes and helpless fears
Within the terror and the torment
Frozen fire, frozen time
The love that moves in silent moments
Calls and claims us as its own.

I call for knowledge, call for wisdom
Call for patience in despair
In midst of graces never ending
In midst of mercies ever there.

Heart can harden when hard driven
Mind can fail when too hard pressed
The love that draws us to each other
Be forgotten, be repressed.

Why must we always rage so proudly
Why is it we can never pause
In midst of beauty ever present
In midst of life’s eternal cause?

I call upon the one before me
Upon the one who clearly knows
The way beyond all false distinctions
The way beyond all needless woes
The way beyond the fire and ferment
The way beyond the yeas and no’s
The way of light forever shining
The way through which we all can go.

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