Saturday, 27 April 2013

After the Tempest (Finding Family)

William Blake, "The Meeting of a Family" 
This short poem builds on a personal reflection on the nature of enduring relationship during a time characterised by the prevalence of divided households.

The poem carries an acknowledgement of the tensions and the difficulties that inevitably arise within the context of marriage while also giving voice to the deeper treasures that can emerge in the living of a sustained commitment to another.

The music that accompanies Finding Family was composed and performed by Nico Di Stefano.

Finding Family can be streamed using the media player above. A CD quality mp3 audio file is available for download here.


The Poem

Finding Family

Let us now look beyond the obvious
And tend to the subtle and the silent
This world too full of empty noise and useless purpose
I call out to your generations
I know these shades well

Perhaps the point too strong
The light too bright
Too soon to dive so deep
Better then to wait again and turn aside
Until the tide more gently turns

This pearl is safe
Until the divers come

Flooding tears wailing walls
Streams of unmet longing gush and rush around
No sorry word can compass this
Our fields and currents sundered through
But still I call in silent breath
And whirl in loving storm around you

This time now opens once again
As you and I conjoined become
The loving daughter, loving son
Brother strong and sister true
Born of love and me and you

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